Discover The Emotional Blindspots Keeping You From Moving Forward.

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I Thought I Had It All.

I had gone to the right schools. Had great degrees. Met a fantastic guy. I thought I had made all the right decisions, putting my life together so strategically.

First came marriage, then starting a business and soon after a family. Years later this was my life: The successful husband. The nice house. Two beautiful kids. A flourishing business. It all looked really good. At least on the outside. But one thing led to another and by my late 40s, my almost-two-decade-long marriage was suddenly over. Devastated, and with two sons hurting, I needed to be there for them but I was lost.

I tried to put on a brave face so no one would know what was REALLY going on below the surface. Here’s what my inner world looked like: No self worth. Zero confidence. Didn’t know who I was. (Had completely lost HER sometime during my long marriage.) Perpetually concerned about getting things wrong (because I was told I could never do anything right).

What Happened To Her?

A day in the life of me consisted of: Feeling like a victim. Taking crumbs and putting everyone else first. Getting stepped all over by my ex because I had no boundaries. Scared sh*tless about my future. Afraid of what other people thought. People pleasing out the wazoo. Having zero trust in myself or my ability to make decisions. Triggered by my ex. All. The. Time. And ANXIOUS.

I had become a shadow of my former self. Where was the crazy adventurer who moved to Europe as a teenager with just one suitcase? The brave 20-something with the dreams to take on NYC? The fearless entrepreneur who built her successful PR business from scratch? The free spirit I had been was nowhere to be seen. I had lost my voice and my soul.

I saw a photo of myself taken near the end of my marriage, barely recognizing the sad, dead look in my eyes. Where had my sparkle gone?

I knew things desperately needed to shift, but didn’t know how.

Discover The Emotional Blindspots Keeping You From Moving Forward.

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Trying To Right The Ship

In an attempt to get myself back, I found a counselor and did TONS and TONS of therapy where I talked and talked and talked about my problems. During my sessions with Dr. S, he did TONS and TONS of validating, which felt great in the moment. Someone finally listened to me! Someone finally agreed with me! But it did very little to actually change ME.

So after two years with Dr. S. and no noticeable improvement, I switched gears and started throwing everything at the problem. It was totally piecemeal. A workshop here. A podcast there. A weekend intensive here. A YouTube video there. Then I thought I was ready to put myself out on the dating market.

Match, here I come! That brought Sam into my life. Charismatic, successful, intense, and so, so into me. He just couldn’t get enough of US. It seemed too good to be true. And then a massive lightbulb went off.

Holy crap. Sam was a clone of my ex-husband.

I Got Clarity

I knew then and there that if I didn’t change ME —literally rebuild and reprogram myself from the inside out — then I was going to keep on getting the same outcomes and attracting the same kind of guy.

Because despite all my past efforts, I was basically the same person inside with low self-worth who didn’t know who I was and, in many ways, still felt deep down inside like a victim of my circumstances.

At that moment of clarity, I drew a line in the sand. No more powerlessness. No more life is happening TO me. I was going to get back my old self. The one who had slowly disappeared during that marriage. It took me another couple of years to reclaim her. Yes, YEARS.

I threw everything at the problem. I did an eight-day off-the-grid retreat. I hired coaches. I did deep dives during weekend intensives. Besides the tons of time expended, it took a ridiculous amount of energy and money.

I Finally Cracked The Code.

The result from all that effort? I rewired my brain and completely redid my internal programming.

My confidence and self-worth were now rock solid, I could set and hold boundaries, I was loving myself and my life, excited about the future, and I was ready to love again from a whole and healthy place. And no more attracting version 2.0 of my ex. That type of man no longer shows up on my radar screen.

The person I used to be in that old photo now seems like a distant cousin. I knew at a cellular level that this journey didn’t need to have taken that long.

The problem was that for me, there had been no proven process or method to follow. If only there had been because it would have saved me years.

And believe me, it wasn’t for a lack of searching. I had looked for (and tried!) every solution under the sun.

And the win here is that I cracked the code.

My New Chapter Is Now My Best Chapter.

I’m finally back to the person I was meant to be, in the driver’s seat of my life, doing the things I love. My journey brought me incredible wisdom, insights, and tools that I use now to help other women survive divorce, find their voice, and create the life they deserve.

And that code is what I teach my clients. I took everything I learned over the course of my long, painful and ultimately successful odyssey, boiled it down to the essentials, and, using my curriculum background, created a specific time-tested METHOD that is customizable to their specific needs.

My proprietary process has allowed dozens and dozens of women to do in just MONTHS what took me YEARS to accomplish.

They quickly move past their divorce, get back their confidence, are truly excited about their lives, and are ready to love again. Helping women to completely transform their lives after divorce is my jam. It's my specialty. It's my zone of genius.

The Roadmap Program Is A Life Changer.

All I can tell you is if you have the opportunity to participate in this program...then do it!



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